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Taking Flight in 2020 . . .

Now Come HyacinthsJanet Joyner (Published September, 2020 see in “Books” tab)  )

Slip – Jenny Bates (published October, 2020 see in “Books” tab))

Fall/Winter 2020-2021

Armature – Melinda Thomsen

Showing Face – Nancy Dew Taylor

The Scattering of Saints – David Dixon


The 2020 Hermit Feathers Review

   Sally Atkins/ Ritual, Song of the Shamaness

   Dorothy Baird/ Dust, driving my son to college

   Joan Barasovska/ St. James Street, Lullaby

   Sam Barbee/ DDT, 21st Street Chorale, Inquiry

   Jenny Bates/ lowercase, Ovid’s Last Page, Wind of Twilight

(and Essay of Remembrance – Margaret Hillert)

   Steve Cushman/ Washing Dishes, Super Glue, Work, Baseball Glove

   David Dixon/ Mosquito Net, Counting Coup

   Ralph Earle/ When Bees Were Glad, Betty Helps Out

   Michael Gaspeny/A Dream of Three Lonely Hunters, A Tippling Plutocrat to His Peers at the Planters’ Club, When You Asked To Borrow My Mower

   John Haugh/ My first horse/ my last dog, Blue-Purple Crayon

   Janet Joyner/ Colony Collapse, Annunciation Rap, Cook’s Feet, Ode to the
Great White Egret

   Pat Riviere-Seel/ Astonished, A Defense of Sentimentality, Reflections, Lament

   Dee Stribling/ Awaken, Well Water, Tires

   Nancy Dew Taylor/ How Belle Saved My Life A Hundred Times, time 22, Pyres August, 1955, The Visitation 2004.

   Melinda Thomsen/ Whirligig Park in Wilson, NC, Typewriters, Stir and Carry On

(and Essay of Remembrance – William Matthews)

   Donna Love Wallace/ still white sheet of paper, Alternatives

(and Essay of Remembrance – Wislawa Szymborska)

   Kirstie L. Williams/ In Another Life Molly Woods, Embracing Gilead, Insomnia

   Katherine Wolfe/ Bridges to the Sea, Homecoming at Hollywood Presbyterian,
Later Years

   Nancy Womack/ Defining Blue, Travel: A Divertimento, The Same Again but Different


Red Jacket Requiem(2020 HFP Chapbook Selection) – Nancy Womack

Torn Screen Bent Frame – Dee Stribling


(Past Publications)

Visitations (summer 2019)

If your soul is on a quest to balance the myriad minutia of life in the 21st century, then poet Jenny Bates’ third collection, Visitations, is a must read.  Bates’ answers lie in the forest surrounding her home where by night the master vocals of the Barred Owl always call her to a portal of growth. By day, the Red Shouldered Hawk beckons to complete the summons, “Observe.”  Whether plant or animal, wild or domesticated, Bates’ communion with all that is not human, leads to a forgotten realm of holistic knowledge. Through the pages of this idiomatic, metaphysical collection, a gentle relationship between the mirror selves of naturalism and fantasy charm the unfeigned reader.

Jenny's bio pic

Jenny Bates, born and raised in Michigan, resides as poet in the foothills of North Carolina. She is a member of Winston-Salem Writers and NC Poetry Society. She has two published books, Opening Doors: an equilog of poetry about Donkeys (Lulu Publishing, Raleigh, NC) and Coyote with Coffee, a single poem fine craft volume (Catbird on the Yadkin Press, Tobaccoville, NC). Both books reside in the collections of Libraries and Universities (Vanderbilt and the University of Vermont) in the United States and England. Her work has also been published in Flying South, Winston-Salem Writers premier literary work. She is a consecutive contributing poet in the Winston-Salem Writers series Poetry in Plain Sight and in 2017 she was a top 10 Finalist in the Press 53 Single Poem Contest.

WAHEE NECK (summer 2019)

Every child is a hapless carrier of the epic reverberating within family generations. The boundaries of childhood become mutable, conflating the overheard with the lived, the past with the present. WAHEE NECK, Janet Joyner’s newest collection, moves like consciousness itself; outward from the individual, to the tribe, the species, and their habitats. Hers is a distinctly southern voice.  And in this, her third volume, the poet guides the reader from the leaky borders of childhood toward an invasion of human and global disruptions.  In her final section, Joyner contemplates the horrible possibility of annihilation of the planet.  Throughout WAHEE NECK, Janet Joyner’s lyrical language challenges set patterns of sound displayed in poems of both free and more formal verse; in selections short and pithy, as well as those more lengthy and narrative.

A must read for the discerning.

JJ author photo ( 4x5@200)-4

Janet Joyner is a native of South Carolina’s Pee Dee region and belongs, perhaps, to the last generation before mechanized farming, a time when the work songs of harvesting tobacco were richly vowelled by the Gullah and GeeChee women who did the work.  In the fields.  In the kitchens.  In the nurseries.  Her poetry sings with these cadences.  Her themes, still rooted deeply to the land, its seasons, its creatures, ring with more modern and wider dichotomies which a life-time of studying and teaching French literature has enriched.

Between The Stones (fall 2019)

Donna Love Wallace’s debut poetry chapbook, Between Stones, takes the reader on a journey 1 in 8 women will experience sometime during their life: invasive breast cancer. With candor and a full range of emotion, Wallace navigates her way through disparate places and the people that occupy them: the biopsy suite, the grocery store, her closet and a tattoo parlor 350 miles from home. With sparse eloquence and artisanal attention to her craft, Donna Love Wallace is a poet’s poet.  Readers of Between The Stones will cry, laugh and celebrate a voice that chooses stoic analysis over panic; positivity in the face of pain and uncertainty; and resolute courage over defeat.  Whether or not invasive breast cancer has touched your life, great inspiration lines these pages.

Donna for HFP.jpeg

Donna Love Wallace of Lewisville, North Carolina, received a Wildacres Artist Residency to complete her first book of poetry titled Between the Stones, about her personal experience with breast cancer.  Donna has served in leadership with Winston Salem Writers and Poetry in Plain Sight. Her poetry appears in Snapdragon, Hermit Feathers Review, Flying South, Kakalak, The Paddock ReviewWild Goose Poetry Review, Plainsongs and WestWard Quarterly, among othersDonna is a retired critical care nurse and seminarian, and recently learned how to brew a lovely cup of coffee out in the middle of nowhere.

Hermit Feathers Review (November 2019)

Hermit Feathers Press is pleased to announce the 2019 contributors’ list for Hermit Feathers Review:

Michael Gaspeny                         John Haugh

Emily Herring Wilson                Joan Barasovska

Betty Rodgers                               Jenny Bates

Sam Barbee                                  Jeanne Julian

Peter Venable                              Janis Harrington

Priscilla Webster-Williams       Grace Ellis

Paul Jones                                     Dorothy Baird

Donna Wallace                            Charles Wheeler

Beverly Johnston (posthumously)